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You don't need to invest anything apart from your time. Each sale you make will earn you money, and more sales means a higher income plan.

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Be rewarded and recognised with incentives, once-in-a-lifetime trips and prizes.

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Your time is your own to organise and you decide on the most suitable schedule for your life. Rest assured that we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Why Vorwerk? Don't take our word for it...
Here are some of our success stories: 

Shehnaaz Desai,
Thermomix® Team Leader

"I joined initially because I wanted the community part of it, the aspect of wanting to have friends because I`m not from the UK. Now I am a Team Leader and we work very well together as part of a team.”

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Rhian O'Connor,
Thermomix® Branch Manager

"I cannot believe that what started out as, `Can I try and earn a Thermomix?`, which then turned into having a full-on corporate career! It`s amazing!” 

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Ewelina Zawierucha,
Thermomix® Team Leader

“I`m not a sales person, I`m someone who loves Thermomix® and I`m just forever finding new ways of sharing the love.”

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Audrey Singh
Thermomix® Team Leader

"...The freedom of being able to run my own business... If you love meeting with people, if you want to be your own boss too, then go for it. There's nothing to lose, a lot to gain!"

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Jenny Kemp-Potter,
Thermomix® Team Leader

“I'm a busy mum and I wanted to find an opportunity that would work around them, something where I can be really flexible with my income”. 

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Lucy Wiley,
Thermomix® Senior Team Leader

“Vorwerk is a family-run business and it very much brings that family feel to it. Selling a Thermomix® is all about selling the passion and a love for the food.”

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Kelvin Costa,
Thermomix® Advisor

“You should join Thermomix® because you can earn extra income and also have quality time for yourself and for your family.”

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