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Winner across the board: quality vacuum cleaner with long-lasting breath

The savings potential of allegedly tempting offers is often misleading. How to recognize quality goods – the example of the ’vacuum cleaner’.
Cheap electronic appliances wear out quickly. The savings potential of allegedly tempting offers is often misleading. Some manufacturers purposefully boost their sales by producing short-lived products. Quality products cost more, but due to their longevity you save money in the long run. At least, if you pay attention to the most important quality criteria, when buying e.g. a vacuum cleaner. 

Baking, doing the laundry, vacuum cleaning: in housework we depend on operative electronic appliances – even when wiping floors or cleaning windows. But just when the guarantee period is over, many appliances break. Elisa, 37, is becoming exasperated by her fourth generation of cheap hand-mixers, whilst her mother Heidi, 72, is still happily mixing her cake dough with her orange mixer from the early 70’s. Is that really a coincidence? A survey by the Green Faction of the German Bundestag says: rogue firms plan the wear of their electronic appliance whilst constructing and producing the appliances. Products in the cheap price segment of the market are the most affected, but also some that are overpriced. 

When buying her new vacuum cleaner, Elisa is not making any compromises. „I ended up spending more on hand-mixers. When my vacuum cleaner broke, I decided to go for quality, instead of falling for the cheap vacuum cleaner offers again. But it isn’t that easy, because you don’t see the quality by just looking at the vacuum cleaner. A comparison of different vacuum cleaners provide you with an overview of the most important criteria. We will tell you what to pay attention to. 

Expensive does not necessarily mean good – these are the criteria to pay attention to! 

Choosing an expensive vacuume cleaner in the midst of cheap offers can be worth it. Yet, you should not only rely on the highest price and examine whether this reflects excellent suction power, good processing and high-quality materials. Why is this so important?

Well, cleaning carpets is not always a piece of cake and the vacuum cleaner is exposed to many dangers. Toys that are lying around on the kids’ carpet can quickly be sucked in and can cause immense damage to the inside. Not only can the rotor blade be damaged, but even the gearbox too, making the vacuum cleaner completely useless. An appliances that is not protected against overheating – because it does not have an automatic switch-off – can break in this way.

If it knocks against pieces of furniture too frequently, the disturbances can damage the electronics. Buffers help to protect upmarket appliances. Moreover, with our small and powerful “reluctance motor“, patented by Vorwerk, the longevity of our vacuum cleaners is assured due to wear-free construction. The excellent workmanship of the exterior plastic parts and suction tube contribute to comfortable handling and consistently good suction power. When all of these quality factors are fulfilled, you have made the best choice. Choose your manufacturer with care – the trust of generations of users is a good indicator. Would you like an example? If necessary, you can rely on Vorwerk to repair your appliance even 10 years after buying it.

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