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Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

VB100 Akku-Staubsauger Basis-Set


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  • Detachable electric brush for hard floors and carpets


This agile and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner comes with the Kobold EBB100 Electric Brush, which provides an expert clean on almost any carpet or hard floor. Normal mode is ideal for everyday dust, while turbo mode allows even more dirt and debris to be collected.

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  • 80-minute battery runtime


The lithium-ion battery provides up to 80 minutes’ runtime when the suction power level is set to ‘Soft’ and the EBB100 Electric Brush is deactivated, or when the 2-in-1 nozzle is used. 

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  • Three different suction-power levels for highly efficient cleaning


The Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s the standard setting, with medium-suction power and normal brush rotation mode, provides high-performance cleaning in most circumstances. However, there are times when greater or lesser suction power is required – choose between ‘Max’, ‘Med’ or ‘Soft’ power on the handle, depending on the amount of dirt and dust present. When in standby position, the cordless vacuum cleaner can easily be left anywhere, leaving you free to attend to other matters at a moment’s notice.

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  • Ideal for allergy sufferers


The Kobold VB100 System is equipped with the Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bag, which has been certified ‘Premium’ by TÜV Nord and ensures that 99.99% of allergic particles are caught during cleaning.

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Easy to use

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  • Cordless and lightweight for greater flexibility


The days of looking for a socket to plug in your vacuum cleaner and getting frustrated when the cable isn’t long enough are over. Weighing just 3.3 kg (including the EBB100 Electric Brush) and always ready when you need it, the Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is extremely flexible and easy to use in every situation.

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  • 2-in-1 nozzle for above-floor cleaning


The handy 2-in-1 nozzle on the Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has been specially designed for cleaning areas that are hard to reach, including above the ground. 

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  • Thorough yet gentle cleaning on almost any surface


With the Kobold EBB100 Electric Brush, switching between laminate, parquet, tile and carpet flooring is seamless. Changing the rotation speed of the brush takes a matter of seconds using the practical foot switch. This versatile brush, together with the Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s three different suction-power settings, means transitioning between different floor types is no longer an issue.

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  • Easy access to filter and battery for minimum effort


Need to change the filter or replace the battery? Thanks to the flap on the back of the Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, both are easy to access and can be replaced with minimal effort.

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Allergies and hygiene

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  • Filter bag instead of dust bin


The Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with premium filter bags certified by TÜV-Nord, ensuring that contact with the vacuumed dust is kept to an absolute minimum. With the Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bag, you can dispose of the dust without any mess.

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  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers know all too well how difficult it is to free rooms of dust. Thanks to its filter system and premium filter bags, which are certified by TÜV-Nord, the Kobold VB100 is ideal for allergy sufferers as it traps fine dust particles that can cause allergic reactions.

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kobold products cordless vb100 battery


kobold products cordless vb100 longer battery
  • Optional additional battery for a continuous cleaning experience


By purchasing a second battery, you can continue cleaning even if the first battery runs out of power. Therefore you can enjoy an ongoing, uninterrupted cleaning experience while the first battery is recharging – saving you precious time. 

kobold products cordless vb100 additional battery
  • Longer battery life for greater convenience

The high-quality lithium-ion battery can run for up to 80 minutes, depending on the suction-power level and the attachment used. The battery fully charges in approximately 3 hours, at which point the vacuum cleaner will be ready to use again. 

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Scope of delivery

The Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner includes the following components: 

  • Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with a battery and Premium Filter Bag (already installed)
  • The Kobold EBB100 Electric Brush
  • 2-in-1 Nozzle for above-floor cleaning
  • Charging unit for the Kobold VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Instruction manual
  • 5x Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bag

Instructional video for the VB100

Take it a step further with the MyKobold app

Want to maximize your cleaning performance? The new MyKobold app provides product maintenance and support, outstanding customer service and essential product information. What’s more, all of the Kobold Robot app features are integrated into the MyKobold app for you to use: spot cleaning, remote usage, cleaning schedule and much more. This makes it easier than ever to program your robot and get cleaning. Download the app here!

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VB100 ca. 2.1 kg; 3.3 kg incl. the EBB100

Dimensions (L X W X H)

VB100: 100 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm

EBB100: 25 cm x 31 cm x 7 cm

Filter Bags:

Ideal for allergy sufferers, premium filter bags certified by TÜV-Nord, small and light, volume 0.8 l


High quality, recyclable thermoformed plastic


Maintenance-free BLDC motor, approx. 85,000 rpm

Power consumption:

For suction levels: soft 30 watts, med 80 watts, max 230 watts

Mains charger voltage

220 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Max. negative pressure

88 hPa

Max. volume flow

21 l/s

Sound power level (with EBB100)

Carpet: 78 dB (A) re 1pW

Hard floors: 79 dB (A) re 1 pW

Mains charger

34 V 1.2 A Model S040...


VB-8s1p ...

Battery charging time

approx. 3 hours

Battery charging cycles/battery life

 80% after approx. 520 full cycles

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The Kobold VB100 System is a battery-operated vacuum cleaner with a complete set of attachments and accessories made by Vorwerk. The Cordless System is equipped with: 

  • The VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • The Kobold EBB100 electric brush
  • The Kobold SPB100 2-in-1 wet and dry cleaning attachment
  • The Kobold PBB100 upholstery brush with integrated hose
  • The Kobold mattress cleaning set, including the MP100 / MR100 in-deep mattress cleaning accessories 
  • The Kobold SB100 hose and above-the-floor accessories.

The cordless system is a specialist for vacuuming and mopping on almost all types of floors. Its convenient handling also results from its lightweight, which makes the Kobold VB100 System ideal for everyday cleaning.

Each basic package will include the EBB100 Electric Brush, 2-in-1 nozzle, 6 pieces of Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bags (one is inserted in the vacuum cleaner already and five additional ones are in a box), a charger, an integrated battery and a user manual.

The Kobold VB100 System is equipped with the Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bag, which has been certified ‘Premium’ by TÜV Nord. It is verified to retain bacteria and mould, reduce fine dust and can be hygienically disposed of and replaced.

TÜV-Nord is a trusted German company specialized in product safety. A TÜV certification means the product has been tested to meet requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. In other words, our FP100 Filter Bag has met the performance and indoor air hygiene standards and is suitable for allergic people.

The bag is simple and hygienic to remove specifically designed not allow the user to get in contact with fine dust during the replacement process. The filter cover on the back of the cordless vacuum cleaner can easily be opened in order to remove the full filter bag and then insert a new one. The frequency with which the filter bag will need to be replaced depends on various factors such as the type of household and the duration and intensity of usage. 

Yes, you will receive your VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with one filter bag already inserted, and five additional filter bags are included in the box, along with the battery, the charger and the user manual. Each filter bag has a capacity of 0.8 litres. The device and its high-quality filter bag is suitable for allergic people as well: it captures 99.99%of allergenic particles which make the air more pure.

More filter bags are available for purchase via the online shop and Vorwerk store. 

The battery charging time is approx. 180 mins if the battery is completely empty.

The VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for households with pets as the suction power excels. Also, the relevant attachments and brushes are specifically designed to unearth, detach, and suck unwanted hairs in hard to reach places. The Kobold PBB100 electric upholstery brush attachment enables you to clean sofas, armchairs, mattresses or car seats. The unique rotation of the counter brushes collects and unearths dust and dirt particles quickly and in hard to reach places as well.

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