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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Innovative, cordless and ready to use at any given time, the VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning carpets, hard floors and different types of upholstery or if you need a quick fix use our handy Kobold VC100. Our cordless Kobold products have it all! Explore our list of products and attachments to see which cordless vacuum cleaner suits your needs.

Kobold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VB100

Try out our VB100 system with different attachments to enhance your cleaning experience. You can use it to just vacuum with a high suction power, vacuum AND mop with our special SPB100 attachment or use our other attachments to deep clean mattresses and other upholstery.


Check out the attachments for the VB100 System

Kobold VC100

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kobold VC100

Use the Kobold VC100 cordless vacuum cleaner to quickly remove crumbs from the dining table, dust from the cabinets or dirt left behind by your pet. The device has been designed to be lightweight and with an efficient power supply to ensure a comfortable cleaning experience.